I’ve Got the Bug

I was invited a while back.
I eventually, signed up.
My sister said it was a must.
But this week when I put it on my tool bar…I was hooked, obsessed, in LOVE!
It’s been all the rage the past few months. So many of the blogs I read talk about it & share it’s inspiration.
Do you know what excites me the most about Mrs. Pinterest??? 
Finally, when I’m wandering around blogland & am inspired, encouraged, or just loving something, all I have to do is “Pin it” and it’s there for me when I’m ready to create. 
Right now I’m wanting to make this bed skirt {even though I have no where to put it}…
you can buy it here.
Bake these cupcakes…
and create a space like this
I’m all of a sudden feeling the urge to 
redecorate, have friends over, bake, clean out the closets, and 
sit down at the sewing machine
So, are you pinning? If not you better hurry…all the cool kids are doing it!
Check out Pinterest today. I have a few invites left if you need one.

2 thoughts on “I’ve Got the Bug”

  • I just happened upon your blog recently and I am enjoying your posts- I too have just been bitten by the pinterest bug- it makes it so easy to keep track of all the good ideas floating around in blogland!!

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