Closing Day

We closed on our townhouse almost ONE year ago, June 18, 2010. 

 (sorry for the blurriness…I didn’t have my Nikon yet)
We were engaged at the time & our wedding was a month away…I had huge dreams of having everything perfect for when we moved in 31 days later. The bubble was quickly popped.
A Wedding, a Marriage, a House, and Renovations….it was a lot at once. 
In retrospect…I don’t recommend it.
We are still “in progress” & probably always will be…but I’m happy where we are!
Here are the pictures of our house on closing day…take some time to absorb all we had to do :) 
We’ll call it House {to} Home Wednesday

I’ll be back next Wednesday to share where we started.

The Before

Kitchen/Dining Room

Living Room/Powder Bath/Stairs

Master Bedroom

Guest Bedrooms/Bath

Somehow beyond the pink & aqua, the oldest stove I’ve ever seen, cracked tile, and that lovely brass everywhere…
there was potential.
Stay tuned.

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  • I cant believe no one commented on your bravery! Whatta Woman to see the potential here! YIKES!!!! Those colors, Holy …..never mind, I don't even know you yet! Don't remember now how I stumbled onto your site but I WILL be back! I do plan to catch up to the current post. I am also now going to be on the hunt for “letters”. Maybe I can find some you do not have yet. (Also a hobby of mine but I haven't photoged mine. DER!) I love to take photos, now I have a purpose!! ChelleBee

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