Blah {to} Tada

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Two years ago (yes I said 2) I snagged this bench from my friend at work 

as she was on the way out the door with it.
And for 2 years it sat…(one of those years in III’s bachelor pad…)
On SEVERAL occasions I almost threw it away, but I saw potential & just could not bring myself to do it.
Come Summer 2011
It was time for this neon bench to be tackled.
First a coat of primer.
Then 2 coats of gray (is it ay or ey…I never know) miss-tint from our local hardware store. 
 {you know the one with the BIG orange sign}
It already looked so much better!
Then the finishing touches
 I stenciled this curly que border using a green sample size paint, left over from when we were picking wall colors for the kitchen.
I’m glad this ole bench stuck around.
Now I just need to find a permanent home for it.
And that is the story of how the throw away classroom bench went from
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