Problem & Solution

I was doing a little Spring Cleaning this weekend and stumbled across this L.L. Bean back that I received back in college. They were all the rage in the day & I loved how spacey it is along with also being rather sturdy. Stumbling across it, I thought it would make a great new Spring school bag.

But there was only one problem…the monogram. The one below is no longer mine!

I am now LBG, what to do, what to do???

I was hoping for a quick fix, and this is what I came up with.

It as really quite simple…

First, I drew out a lower case “g” and cut it out for a stencil. Then, I traced it onto my fabric (backwards & on the back) and cut that out as well…

Using Stitch Witchery & an iron, I attached the fabric “g” to the L.L. Bean bag.

To give it a more finished look I used embroidery thread to outline the letter.

It’s like I have a brand new bag! I’m thinking about adding a little fabric rosette to the center of the “g.” We’ll have to see though.

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