I love hydrangeas.

When I sat down with the florist for our wedding I had lots of pictures of all these flowers that I loved. I had spent hours searching through wedding flowers & cutting out beautiful arrangements. I thought I had cut out lots of different options and there were many different directions for the florist to run in…all of which I loved.

The first picture I gave her, she said that they were hydrangeas & might be hard to pull off in a summer wedding. We would have the concern of the petals holding up in the heat. No problem I thought, so I gave her another picture thinking it would be a new direction, but they were hydrangeas too. Then another, same answer. It was clear the flower was going to be a must have. The hydrangea mix bouquets were one of the many things I loved most about the wedding decor. Wouldn’t you agree???

The first picture was obviously my bouquet, and directly above are the bridesmaid’s flowers. We decided to tie in calla lilies among other greenery, & they were gorgeous!

So, moving right along to the reason I sat down for this post.

You would not believe what has began to bloom right outside our house???

None other than a beautiful hydrangea bush!! Needless to say I was ecstatic when I made this discovery. I’ve been photographing it’s blooming journey & thought I would share a little of God’s beauty.

The beginning stages…

The little flowers are bursting forth

I’ll keep you updated! I can’t wait until they full. I wonder if they will stay white or does color come in later?? I’m sure I will have to find the perfect spot in my home for a few of these.

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