Sunday’s Coming

I love the weekends. It’s not the lack of work that brings this excitement (however, it doesn’t hurt)…it’s that during the weekends we can make our own schedule. The possibilities are endless. This weekend is one that will stand out for a while!

It started with my sweet husband planning a date night/day. I accepted an evite invitation from my one and only, to dinner & a movie on Friday, followed by a day of hiking on Saturday.

Master of the grill, that he is, Friday night III pulled off a delicious burger, topped with swiss cheese, onion, tomato, and guacamole. It was sided with one of our new favorites, sweet potato fries. Don’t you want to sink your teeth into this?

After dinner we headed out to see Water for Elephants. With 5 stars from this {me} movie critic, it’s a must see.

After preparing a breakfast of champions, we took an afternoon of adventure.

Living in Georgia, I feel like climbing Stone Mountain is a right of passage.

You can’t truly say you are from here until you tackle this feat. And although between us we’ve been in Georgia almost 9 years, it wasn’t official until we climbed to the top.

Saturday, we made that happen. III packed a picnic lunch (with the help of Publix), and we set off for a day to enjoy God’s beautiful creation. Here are some stops along the way.

Resurrection Sunday capped off this amazing weekend. As mentioned in my Good Friday post, Sunday is coming!! And came it did! We enjoyed a GREAT Easter service at church where we were challenged to live a life according to the calling we have received.

**Please ignore the PALE legs…the Sun is coming to & I need to pay it a visit

Sunday night, us, along with a few friends, took on “adult-dom” & prepared an Easter feast. At III’s suggestion we even broke out the china & crystal. III & I prepared a roast, along with sweet potato casserole, rice, rolls, and strawberry shortcake. Friends out did themselves with a great salad, green bean casserole, creamed corn, & deviled eggs. We all agreed that after preparing this elaborate spread & even pulling out the eletric knife (isn’t that something only dad’s do???)…that Yep, we are official adults.

*The above picture is not my plate, but III’s {just for clarification:)}

Other things of note:

Spring Cleaning (out) is in full swing – check out the entry closet
{please excuse the yellow walls vs. blue closet battle, it’s on the summer to do list}

Max enjoying the sunshine

III killin’ it on his church league softball team

III’s Easter Bunny treat {thanks to the girls at Eighteen25 for the printable}

Tulips…reaching for the light! The perfect metaphor for how our lives should reach for Jesus.

Happy Tuesday!

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