Perception vs. Reality

per·cep·tion verb \pər-ˈsēv\ : 1. to regard as being such


re·al·i·ty noun \rē-ˈa-lə-tē\ 2. the quality or state of being real


What is most important to you?

Is it reflected in what you spend most of your time doing?

And while we are on the topic, what do you spend most of your time doing??

In Sunday School this morning we created a list, entitled What do you perceive are the most IMPORTANT things to you?

Here is what my mind put together:

This is my perception of how I want my life to be. What I want my actions to reflect are the most important things in my life. But then I had to step back & truly be honest with myself, and ask Does my perception of what is important match my reality?

I am an official Type A personality, and while marriage has softened & relaxed me a little bit, “Type A” seldom leaves the room.

I was in church, and I had to be honest. Does my perception of what is MOST important to me fit into the reality of where I spend my time and energy?

So, I’m a work in progress, I’m starting with an exercise routine and using the best fat burning pills to keep my body in the best shape…

Because here is where most of my time goes, and henceforth my reality…

Not so great, huh? Let’s break this down…

1. work : the necessary evil (except for most of the time I love teaching)
2. marriage : most of the time I spend at home, I spend with III, and like all marriages, ours is a work in progress
3. cleaning/cooking/crafting/blogging : while at home these things fill most of my “unscheduled time”
4. community : I feel like this area is all things social, building relationships
5. growing in Christ : devotions in the a.m., praying, small groups, church

**note: my family (outside of III) is in another state, and while we do chat on the phone often, they don’t take a big chunk of my daily time and therefore, aren’t on the list…I do love them!

So, the question I must ask myself, is How can I make my perception match my reality?

As I mentioned, some ways I spend my time are necessary, for example, work. However, I can spend my hours at work being a light for Christ & living his love out through my relationships there. In that way I am growing in my walk, and witnessing to others.

Crafting & blogging are an outlet for me, a way to escape, but in doing these projects I must not forget that is it God that gives me the time & ability to create & therefore I can praise Him!

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as if working for the Lord, and not for human hands.” ~Colossians 3:23

I feel this is how God asks us to live every moment of our day for Him. In all we do we praise God for the ability, the time, the relationships that he has blessed us with. So often my mind thinks like a Pharisee (eek!), in order to be a “good” Christian & Christ be the MOST important part of my life, I must read my bible everyday, pray everyday, share the gospel everyday, and be in church every Wednesday & Sunday.

This too, however, is a perception.

I feel God calls us to lift up His name, and love people!
In doing this He is my foundation, my #1.

And when He is my numero uno, my perception can become my reality.


“I can do all things through Christ, who gives me strength, {& willpower}.” ~ Philippians 4:13

And when I {we} fall short, Christ is there to pick me {us} up and I’ll keep on trying.


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