Making Me Smile

There are lots of things making me smile these days…



Stopping in Auburn for some college favorites

Mamma Goldbergs

I’m not sure you’ve every really had a sub sandwich, until you’ve had a Mamma’s Love. You fellow Auburn grads can relate. The original home was on the corner of campus in a run down old house. There were always cooks throwing sandwiches on toasters right in front of you and pouring that “special sauce” on top! And I can’t forget the Nacho Doritos with cheese & jalapenos. The new establishment (which is now a chain) is a little more high class and probably a little more sanitary as well! Yum!!

III stopped in and picked up both signature items as we passed through on Sunday.


My Auburn favorite is Amsterdams, which is a little bit of a classier joint. In college my friends and I lived across the corner, and, weekly, would place our order to pick up their famous turkey wraps with sweet potato chips. While, both are absolutely fabulous, what makes this meal so appetizing is the honey mustard. I’m not sure what the special kick is, but oh my goodness, it makes me smile! An Auburn trip isn’t complete without making this stop.

Now, if only we could have stayed long enough to stop in Niffer’s for dinner…maybe next time!


My new Jo Totes camera bag/purse

It’s here!!! I finally, broke down last week and ordered a camera bag/purse from Jo Totes! I’ve been craving one for a while, and with a little extra money sent my way, I went for it.

Yesterday, when I got home from grocery shopping (saved more than I spent, whoot! whoot!) it was waiting for me…

I just loved the packaging!!

And inside was just as special…

And finally, here it is, in all it’s glory!! Isn’t the pewter, beautiful???
I’ll be packing it with my camera soon, and let you know how it goes!!

Ahhhh, the excitement :)

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