How to Make Cake Pops | The Easy Tutorial


I tried. I would give myself a B- .

How to Make Cake Pops

We are having friends over for Easter dinner tomorrow night, & I had a hankering to have cake pops on hand. Weeks ago, I stumbled upon the blog, Bakerella…she is one talented lady. Bakerella is known for her intricate design in the sweets department, & maybe one day my attempts won’t pale in comparison.
With her inspiration, I gave it the ol’ “Bakerella” try.
First, I baked a cake. Using the directions on the back, the mixer did most of the work.

How to Make Cake Pops
After baking, I broke the cake apart

Making Cake Pops
and put it in the food processor to make it a little more fine.


Easy way to make cake pops

how to make cake pops
Next, I went back to the mixer, and added about 3/4 a tub of cream cheese icing to my cake.

How to make cake pops
I rolled the mix into cake balls & place them in the freezer for about 15 minutes.

{Imagine what that would look like here.}

To the cake balls I added lollipop sticks
(dipping the tips in melted candy melts first to help them stick).

How to make cake pops
I added food coloring to my melted candy (Easter colors of course)
& dipped the cake pops until they were completely coated.
(I scooped the melts with a spoon & then rolled the cake ball to give a slight swirl effect)

how to make cake pops
After a taste test,

how to make cake pops
I melted some pink icing & used a Ziplock to drizzle a simple decoration on top!

how to make cake pops
And there you have it! Do you think Bakerella would be proud?
…considering it’s my first attempt & all.

A few more cake pop ideas: Sprinkled Cake pops, Cookie Pops, Ornament Cake Balls, & A DIY Cake Pop Stand


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