Happily Ever After

Good Morning!

The alarm went off at 5:15 am, and I can promise you I didn’t have a very pleasant look on my face. My blaring phone was signaling an “official” end to Spring Break. However, I am resting in the fact that summer break is only 7 short weeks away!

We had an AMAZING weekend in Fairhope, Alabama celebrating the marriage of one of III’s oldest friends, Jeff & his beautiful bride, Mary Jane. I informed Jeff early on in their relationship that a double name is definitely the way to go!! haha.

Now, lower Alabama isn’t a jump, skip, and a hop away from home, so we began the trek Thursday night with Max in toe. We’d looked into boarding Max or possibly dropping him off with my sister in Auburn, but in the end we just couldn’t leave him behind. Plus, he had to meet his grandparents! 5 anxious hours later, Max was the most excited that we had arrived.

Since III was a part of this wedding weekend we were able to take part in lots of festivities. However, a few were “Men Only.” I didn’t mind however, as I took the opportunity to visit BC, another of the fabulous group of expecting mothers. Blair Elise is due near the end of July. We had a great time chatting & catching up. I was able to get the grand tour of their new house & a glimpse at Blair’s nursery, which is in the works. I wish I had taken pictures.

Friday night was the rehearsal dinner. I think this is usually one of my favorite parts of a wedding weekend. All of the closest family & friends gather to celebrate with the couple & toast how fabulous they are & what their friendship means. III & Jeff’s group of high school guys are one of a kind! They are now spread out all over the country, so they were all excited to be together again!

The rehearsal dinner was a special experience for III & me, and I know Jeff & MJ would say the same. Here is III toasting Jeff & his bride to be. He did great!

Saturday morning the guys went for a run down at the Fairhope pier to relieve some tension.

Max went too, then he was doused with a little h20.

This gave me the opportunity to work on my letter photography & snap some pictures of a beautiful rose garden that was in full bloom.

Saturday night was amazing! Here is my main squeeze. Doesn’t he look handsome.
Mary Jane looked beautiful & you couldn’t miss Jeff’s huge grin as he watched his bride walk down the aisle.

The ceremony was tailored to the couple, and centered on Christ & how their marriage should reflect His love for the church. Jeff & MJ are great examples of two people living this life for Jesus & sharing his love with the world. I know their marriage will do the same! We partied all night to a great band and made many more memories!

This little man stole the show (and the dance floor).

Thanks Jeff & Mary Jane for having us be a part of your special day! We are looking forward to the memories to come.

I also wanted to share a few pictures of Mama G & Papa G’s house. It is such a beautiful & peaceful place. I hope III got their green thumb!

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