Camera Dump

Good afternoon, friends I’m on Spring Break (whoot whoot) with a long list of projects to tackle. However, life happens and lists become only lists. Here is a glimpse into my world, via my camera. Saturday we headed out, with our Sunday School class, to help a family take claim on their first home, through Habitat for Humanity. While I NEVER think I want to see a hammer agian, it was an amazing exerience to be a part of the first day of a build. We were able to see the walls raised & the roof lifted. In one day’s work, a family’s life is being transformed.

Babies are AMAZING little people. As I mentioned before my friends have been blessed these past few days. Tuesday, I headed to Birmingham to spend some time with my dear friend Linds & her husband Kendall. She has been through a lot these past few days, and I have to admit she is quite the fighter. Her precious girls, Makenzie & Maddie Grace, are fighters too. Although they are being monitored, they are healthy & looking forward to a day very soon when they get to go home.
While hanging out I was able to brighten the hospital room door with a few rag wreaths.

Since being back home, I’ve been adding a few decorating touches to the house. The towel was a leftover from the hostess gifts I made during the wedding. And I have to give credit to Emily, for the cute Welcome Home sign that I ripped off :)

Last night we were able to spend a great evening with our couple’s bible study. They have been such a blessing for us here in Atlanta! Our Mexican Fiesta was quite the good time. Yesterday, I also tried running again. My cousin & I are wanting to run a 10K, and while I had gotten up to 3 miles, yesterday wouldn’t have shown that. I was exhausted after a few minutes, but that didn’t last for long. My buddy Max was in toe, and at an inopertune time he decided to cut across my path, resulting in this…

Battle scars I suppose…

Last, but not least I’m quilting again. I had committed to having this set of baby quilts ready upon delivery of the twins, but I didn’t expect them so soon (twins being 6 weeks early, officially will make me 6 weeks late).

Today III and I are off to L.A. (for those of you not in the South, unfortunatley this stands for Lower Alabama) to visit with another member of the 361 Mafia, who is expecting in July :)

We also will be celebrating with one of III’s oldest friends as he enters the world of marriage! Congrats! Jeff & Mary Jane Hope everyone is out enjoying the beautiful weather! I’m currently loving the tulips.

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