It’s Your LUCKY Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone. I hope today you have the LUCK of the Irish! I’m stealing a few minutes of my planning to publish this post. We are all decked out in green here at school. For math we will be graphing Lucky Charms cereal, packaged with inspiration from Eighteen25. The kids really loved it!
As we are all LUCKY and blessed, here are a few things I’m feeling Lucky about today.


  • God’s grace, mercy, and unfailing love.
  • The weather is going to reach 70!
  • I was able to enjoy a fabulous dinner with amazing friends last week.
  • My sister is coming into town.
  • 5 years ago today, sparks first flew between III & me!
  • I have a job, and although it’s been a challenging year, lucky to see what I’m capable of when I’m really pushed.
  • I’ve been able to sell some of my Alphabet photography (see above)! Let me know if you are interested in pricing…
  • Spring Break is 2 weeks away.
  • We’re hosting a Sunday School dinner tomorrow & will be able to hang out with awesome people.
  • Max didn’t bite his “friend” Millie yesterday when we went for a visit. Barked at, yes. Bite, no.

I hope you too have the LUCK of the IRISH following you today.

Stay tuned for some around the house updates, III has been hard at work nailing, drilling, and leveling as our walls are being decorated!

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