For the Love…of pie

Do you know what today is?

Well, being as it is March 14, it subsequently “Pi Day,” not pie day, but the kind of 3.14, Pi Day. If I was a Geometry teacher, I would have brought pie to my students to celebrate. As it is, I teach 3rd grade, so it didn’t seem applicable.
To celebrate I searched blogland and found some scrumptious Pie (pi) recipes to share.

Key Lime Pie found at
Pizza Pie found at

Raspberry Oatmeal Crumb Pie

In other news, I went grocery shopping today. In efforts to save $5 more dollars, I ended up having a 30 minute conversation (26 minutes too long) with the lady at customer service. It went something like this…
Me: I just checked out and bought 10 of the participating items in your March Maddness advertisement, however I didn’t get the $5.00 back promotion.
Lady: Let me see your receipt. 1, 2, 3…8. You only bought 8 items.

Me: Do the 3 bags of frozen veggies, not count?
Lady: They do, but there isn’t a plus sign by them.
Me: Well, they had a tag saying they were a participating item.
Lady: You only have 8 items.
Me: But, with the 3 veggies I have 10.
Lady: Let me go look & see.

a few minutes later…

Lady: 2 of your 3 bags aren’t part of the promotion.

Side note – Of the 18 types of frozen participating veggies, I choose the 1 type that didn’t make the cut.

Me: Huh?!?, okay…..well can I return the two that aren’t part of the promotion, buy two that are part of the promotion, & then get the $5.00 discount for my 10 items?
Lady: That will only save you $1.06.
Me: Huh?!?!
Lady: You’ll still have to buy 2 participating items to have 10 in all.
Me: But it’s an even exchange, they are all $1.99. Therefore, I’ll return the two I bought that aren’t part of the plan, buy back 2 that are…that would equal out. Then I’ll get the $5.00 back.
Lady: But you won’t get all $5.00 off because you have to buy the 2 correct veggies.
Me: But I already bought 2, I’m just exchanging them…I won’t owe anything because they all cost the same thing.
Lady: But you’ll only save $1.06.
Me: Huh?!?? Why wouldn’t I save $5.00, since I’m making an even exchange, and meeting the quota of the 10 items, therefore getting $5.00 back.
Lady: But you have to buy the right veggies….
Me: Okay, it’s not a big deal never mind.
Lady: No, no, no….here is your $5.00.

Me: Do I need to go and get the right veggies.
Lady: No, keep what you have (and here is an extra 20 cents for tax on the $5.00 discount)
Me: Thank you very much. I’m sorry for the trouble.

Me: (Thinking to myself as I walk away) I’ve never been so frustrated about making $5.00 + $0.20
Was it worth it?? I’m not so sure, but I can say I’m $5.00 richer :)

Happy Pie Day everyone! I think I’ll go indulge.

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