Valentine’s Day Plan…

III told me that I couldn’t spend a lot on our first married Valentine’s because he was planning on using the February gift budget….what fabulous anticipation this brought to my life! He has always been great at date creating, using clues to help guide me in the direction we will be taking & full of surprises. I can’t wait!

Spending little money on 02.14 proposed a conundrum….so, I put on my creative hat and came up with this…

Presented as… a bag full of dates!

There are 12 of them. One for each month between now & next Valentine’s day. I got the idea from this website (sponsored by a local church), they were emphasizing continuing to date & keep things interesting even after the “BIG day!” I put a personal spin on the dates, to make them special for us. None of them are very expensive, most involve food, and all include spending time doing things we love.

Here are a few of my ideas:

  • Creating a tent in the living room & roasting s’mores over a warm fire
  • Movie date
  • Recreating our “first date” for our one year anniversary
  • Going to the park to fly kites & wrapping up the day with a picnic
  • Hiking a nearby mountain
  • March Maddness night…including all his favorite appetizers

There are obviously a few more; but I think I’ll have him open each month’s envelope on the first day of the month. It might look like this…

We’ll pick a date, & I’ll do all the work. It will be a nice change of pace since he is usually the planner in the date department. Hopefully, it will be a hit! Shhhh, don’t tell III!

Happy Valentine’s Day (a little early)! 

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