Quilting & other shananagans…

I’m almost finished with my quilt! Today I went to my friend’s shower & had to give her the “almost finished” gift. I felt a sense of accomplishment with the smile it brought to her face, and joy that it brought that to her. I did promise that by the time she was having her 2nd child that I will have perfected this craft, and the minor imperfections would be a part of history.

But before I share how the quilt making went down, I have a new LOW to share on the Max front. Just 2 days past the compliment Max received over at Change of Pace, we have a new LOW of LOWs…
Today Max cost us $230…
because we went to the vet…..no
because we went crazy a PetSmart with goodies & treats…..no
because we put in a fence to create his own private sanctuary….nope
The $230 was at the expense of a German Shepard puppy that lives in our neighborhood. Today at the dog park, Max nipped him. That’s right, our near perfect dog has a flaw. And a big one at that. Call it “Alpha Dog” syndrome, call it aggression, call “I’m tired of that little puppy nipping at my ears,” or call it what it became today…a $230 problem.

So from now on our dog is on probation from all other dogs. We have to get this issue fixed. All ideas are welcome. We’ve tried the spray bottle to the face when he barks, he currently is wearing a pinch collar, and I’m afraid the shock collar is coming.
Our dog is the neighborhood bully, great! :(

All I can say is at least he is fabulous around humans of all ages. That is a HIGH, that makes the LOW a little less LOW, unfortunately it doesn’t have a $230 positive payout.
Okay, now I’m just frustrated…the quilting post will have to wait until tomorrow. I have to unplug the computer to save $$ on our power bill, to compensate for the dough we shelled out today…haha…but really

*Just to note we still love Max and something tells me from his glum look that he knows we are mad at him. Maybe he will know why, and that will solve the problem…..I’ll keep dreaming

3 thoughts on “Quilting & other shananagans…”

  • Ugh! Just read this and I have a similar problem. Got my dog from a shelter when he was a pup, took him to puppy kindergarten and then later to obedience classes and he loves other dogs!…Well, except for a few, boxers in particular, he comes out with the “alpha dog syndrome” or whatever. I don't know what to do about the situation either. Tried calling a behaviorist and they said that dogs are like people, some just don't get along! So, sorry, I don't have an answer. I still love my pup too, but wish there was something I could do to fix it!

  • Max reminds me of our Bruster. Bruster goes after people though. We have learned to modify our behavior with him. When people approach while walking, we cross the street. Dog parks are like park playgrounds for kids. Some are fearful, some are bossy and some are just annoying.

  • Have you checked with a dog behaviorist? They are different than trainers. I've heard of people using those for dogs with aggression issues, cause I know you guys don't want to give him up! Good luck!

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