Putting the SAVE in “save”or

In our household, I’m the shopper. And with great power brings great responsibility!
I shop for lots of things, & I LOVE the rush of saving money & finding a good deal.
I’ve noticed this thrill ever since III set us up with a fancy budget.
Therefore, I feel the need to better my couponing skills.
Today was my first real test.

There are so many blogs devoted to it. Southern Savers is a great one with lots of tips & advice. These are fabulous folks that have done your research & hooked people up with some awesome online coupons. Unfortunately, my printer doesn’t support the coupon printing program.

So I’ve dabbled in using coupons here and there & always look out or sales. But today…today was my biggest accomplishment to date.

Here is my plan of action:

1. collect the Sunday paper & clip coupons of the things we USE (this is key)
2. make a list
3. research what is on sale at Publix & Kroger …these are our local grocery stores
4. mark my list accordingly
5. pull matching coupons

So today I went shopping.

At Kroger I spent $40.34, but I saved $20.46…using both my Kroger Plus Card savings & the coupons I had.

Now the kicker: I headed to Publix to stock up on the BOGO items. I have to say this is what made my heart happy. I spent $27.10, however I saved $25.86!!! The cashier exclaimed “Whoa, girl! look how much you saved!”

So, I know there are many out there that can do MUCH better, but without access to any online coupons, I feel really good about today. I bought $113.76 worth of groceries, etc. I only paid $67.44. That is a savings of $46.32, 41%. Success!

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  • LB, I am trying to use coupons as well. Did you know that you can sign in to kroger.com and save coupons to your card. Then when you get to the store the coupons will come off when you swipe your card! I saved $12 the other day!

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