Paper Flowers

I’m off all week. Isn’t that amazing…it’s a week where I can pretend I’m a stay at home wife.

As I am sure you have noticed I’ve been posting every day, and this is the reason why. My school has a balanced calendar and so this is what we’re calling “winter break;” I’m calling it “DIY week.” I’ve refinished my kitchen island (more to come later), decorated for spring, & am going to venture down the path of quilt making later today…wish me luck!

Here is one of the DIY projects I whipped up yesterday. Paper Flowers (inspired here). I’ve added them to my new Spring mantle (It’s been in the 60’s for the past few weeks, so I feel like that is enough of an incentive to take down the February decor & brighten things up!)
Here is a simple tutorial:

  • Fabulous Paper of your choice (you could use fabric or book pages too)
  • Round dowels (floral wire would also work)
  • Twine
  • Hot Glue Gun, Scissors, Ruler

1. After picking out your paper,

2. cut about 16 alternating strips around 4 inches long (the length can vary depending on the
size flower you would like)

3. Then, depending on your medium, punch a hole in each end of the strips (if you are using
floral wire then you can poke the holes as you go

4. Cut a small piece of twine and hot glue around your dowel about 1.5 inches from the top

5. Now, you can begin threading your petals onto the dowel. Make sure if you are using paper
that your first thread is backside up, then fold over to thread again. Now the patterned side
will be what everyone sees.

6. Continue threading the paper, alternating patterns & direction of the petals to fill out the

6. When, you thread all of the paper, now it is time to secure the flower. Add another round
of hot glue to the top & wrap again with the twine. (I think this would also look really cute
with a button glued to the top, but I didn’t have any on hand)

7. I used the same painted pot from the cupcake liner topiary, and stuck the 4 flowers I made
at alternating heights. I also put some fabric in the bottom to cover up the styrofoam (by the
way, did anyone else’s mouth drop at the price of styrofoam…crazy! Luckily I had some
packaging leftovers that worked just as well!)

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