Love Day

Things I LOVE
1. III, my sweet husband who is God’s picture of unconditional love (even when my type A personality is in full force or I don’t make sense…and he love me anyways)

2. my family who shaped who I am today. I hope I am a daughter, sister, wife, friend they can be proud of
3. coming in the door and seeing Max in the kitchen, his butt waggling back and forth with uncontrollable excitement
4. an orange & blue sunset, War Eagle! you all know God is an Auburn fan, right?
5. Sunday mornings; breakfast with III, church, lunch with friends, and a day to enjoy God’s creation
6. a good book, I most often find these in the summer when I have extra time on my hands, but there is nothing like a book that you can’t put down & when you do you are willing to drop almost anything to pick up again.
7. 361 mafia, my best friends in the entire world, #1 reporting
8. reading inspiring blogs, here are some of my favorites
{flythroughourwindow} {lifeingrace} {kissesfromkatie} {eighteen25}
9. when my students don’t realized they been learning because we are having so much fun; it’s one of the reasons I LOVE (on most days) what I do
10. chicken fingers with ketchup & honey mustard; this is my staple food; on a deserted island chicken fingers would be one of my three items
11. Sunday nights when III grills for dinner, it’s amazing and gets better every time; last night he made honey glazed pork chops!
12. taking a great picture, when the light, angle, aperture match up….it makes my heart sing
13. creating…decorating, painting, sewing, my dream is to stay at home and make crafts
14. summers at the lake, sitting on the front porch rocking as the sun sets, time with friends, floating until your fingers & toes are wrinkled, heaven on earth


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