Love Can Move Mountains

The anticipation finally came to an end. III has awesome ideas & fabulous intentions. He gets so excited and wants his plan to be so perfect that usually, the beans spill.

As they did last Wednesday.

III was planning a weekend away to the mountains, and wanted me to be a part of the planning. I was so excited & immediately got on the ball. We rented a dog friendly cabin (We couldn’t leave our recently adopted child behind!) & headed out Friday afternoon.

Here is our weekend in pictures…

We (plus Max) took in our surroundings nestled back in the deep woods.

We traveled to the middle of nowhere,

to find the perfect trail,

and see amazing views.

We treated ourselves to a great breakfast at the BLUE DOOR CAFE

enjoyed friendly, married competition


did a little antique shopping,

& relished in spending time together.

Thank you III for being one AMAZING husband who lives to make me happy!
How could I be so lucky??!?

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