Highs & Lows :: Max Edition

My girl’s bible study begins each of our weekly get togethers sharing the a high & low of our past week.

We’ve had Max for about a month now & while there are many many highs, I can’t lie that there aren’t any lows anymore. Luckily, they are few & far between.

:: HIGH :: His waggly butt going crazy with excitement when we walk in from work.
:: LOW :: His waggly tail sending things flying off our coffee table.

:: HIGH :: Walks in the warm sun.
:: LOW :: When his massive strength pulls me over on my face in front of the new neighbor, scraping both knees, one hand, & dragging me far enough to rip a hole in the knee of my favorite pants.

:: HIGH :: When Max passes another dog, & refrains from barking growing and barking to show is alpha maleness
:: LOW :: The silliness I feel walking around with a spray bottle to calm my dog at a moment’s notice (i.e. anytime another dog passes).

::HIGH:: When he walks up to the couch and uses his nose to maneuver my hand onto the back of his head in the perfect petting position.
::LOW:: When I have to say goodbye to him in the morning, knowing he’ll be missing me all day

::HIGH:: The joy of a good night’s sleep because Max sleeps soundly on the floor throughout the entire night
::LOW:: His whining turn howling that sounds as if a roster is crowing in our room. A personal wake up call.

:: HIGH:: When Max walks over and lays his head on my lap.
:: LOW:: Well, look at that, I’ve run out :)

Max is in for another trip this weekend.

He’s be staying at one of the finest dog establishments in Alabama; taking a class entitled “Manners 101: Why you shouldn’t go crazy whenever you pass another dog & pull over your master.”

I hope it works!

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  • I love max's highs and lows!! Ga's high today was that she went to the park, and her low was that i refused to let her swim! :)

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