Stuck – Day 5

Schools are closed Friday January 14, 2011 due to inclement weather.
All Friday activities are canceled
Note: some activities may be scheduled this weekend depending on weather conditions

I’ve seen this message 5 times
in the past 5 days.
I guess what’s the point in opening the doors again
when you’ve been out of school
Monday – Thursday.

The snow started to fall on Sunday night. By Monday morning it was solid ice. Luckily, I had been to the store on Saturday and was able to stock up for the week. Boy, was I right. It’s Thursday & I’ve been out of the house ONCE since Sunday at 5:00. My sweet husband CAREFULLY took me on a date to Publix (for more milk) & McDonald’s on Wednesday.

This is what my week has looked like…


III and I were both home and excited about the day off! Who wouldn’t be?? It not only meant NO work, but an entire day of tailgating to prepare for Auburn’s National Championship run! The day ended as anticipated with a BIG WIN for the loveliest village on the plains. War Eagle!

Seems the snow hit Toomer’s Corner too :)


To our surprise III’s company was closed again on Tuesday, and I, being a teacher, was still out due to buses not being able to go down main or secondary roads. Still on a snow high we slept in, went for a walk, and did some trim work in our bathroom!

I finished the Mark of the Lion series I’ve been reading…although it looks like a romance novel…I promise, it’s not!

Finally, I made good use of one of my Christmas presents…a lovely sewing machine.

Back story…We found a khaki loveseat at a yard sale across the street for $30.
Then in Big Lots I came across a green slipcover for only $20. So, with hot glue and a staple gun I covered the loveseat.

I ventured into Hobby Lobby’s fabric clearance shelf and found some great stripped fabric for only $3 a yard (I bought 3 yds.)! Tuesday I sat down and covered the loveseat’s back pillows in my new fabric and waaaahlaaa!!! The new addition in our living room, for only $60!


This was the first day I was home alone. III went back to work on “relaxed” hours, and so I had about 7 hours to pass. After watching a little TV (catching up on my favorite, The Biggest Loser), I went back to the sewing maching. I turned two pillowcases into coordinating pillows for the couch in the living room.
(These match the twin sheets I made into our living room curtains.)
I also found these cute rosettes here and decided to make several for my new wreath that I put together this weekend.


Today, I’ve had enough. I’m officially bored. I’ve cleaned, crafted, cooked, read, blogged, laundered, sewn, and I’m running out of ideas. So now, I’m taking a break…and being lazy.

Oh, there are still things I could do (paint the vanities, narrow down the wedding pictures, refinish the bench in the office). However, since I’ll be at home Friday (today) too, I must save the next project for yet another icy day.


The possibilities are endless :)

Thank goodness we’re headed out for the MLK weekend! And we’ll be headed back home with Max, our new dog!!
That is sure to mix things up a little :) Can’t wait!

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  • So excited you finished the trilogy!!! I don't know what you are talking about with this week off…you certainly were workin!! :)

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