Savor 2011

For the past two years III & I came up with a “theme” words to represent what the next 365 days would hold for us. Two years ago it was Discipline ’09 in hopes that we would begin growing up and add some structure to all areas of our lives (this year included engagement which was a pretty big discipline step for III & me). Then last year we adopted Adult 2010. We were planning a wedding, getting married, buying a house, taking on bigger responsibility. We were officially growing up.

This year we brainstormed about our theme word for awhile wanting to make sure it was just right. We talked about how we wanted to take everything in, and after the craziness of 2010, hoped for a calendar year of “normalcy.” (I know…life is never normal, but you know, no big steps, big purchases, life changes, etc.). We wanted one full year to be married and enjoy each other. And so we came up with “Savor 2011.” We want to savor every moment God gives us this year, and adopt this mentality for life. Finding joy in the small things. Hot Chocolate. Reading. The lake. Long walks. Date nights. Friends. Family. And of course an Auburn victory. (“Cam” yall believe it’s just a few days away!!!)

Here’s another pun (and I know Mama G will love it), it’s also “Save”or 2011. We are sticking to a very detailed, excel spreadsheet, budget (byproduct of marrying an accountant maybe) this year in hopes to add to the nest egg. I sometimes complain but actually love it! We’ll see how the year goes, & if we can use a little of the discipline from 2009. Thank goodness for all the cheap chic design ideas I’ve stumbled on since stepping into the blog world.

A few other goals for 2011 are reading through the bible with III over breakfast, sending more cards (don’t you just love a hand written note!), and running a 10K.

In the next 365 (-6) days, we know God will teach us, mold us, encourage us, and prepare us for life to come. With that we take a big step into 2011 and are looking forward to continuing our journey!

One of the first things I savored…Coca-cola ICEE. Yes, it was 30 degrees outside and snow was on the ground, but when this girl sees that white polar bear on the red/blue emblem…she can’t resist!

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