Christmas…part 2 (yes, I know I’m behind)

A few days before New Years we headed up to North Carolina (itsn’t it beautiful) to celebrate Christmas one more time. It’s a reminder that celebrating Christ’s birth should never really be over. So keep Christmas coming!

There is a lot of deep tradition rooted in this side of the family, and for some reason it pretty much all centers around food. My granddaddy mastered a friend’s grapefruit (appetizer), eggs benedict (entree) & bananas foster (dessert) recipes, and ever sense he went to be with the Lord, it has been our long task to do the same. For years our executive chef has been my aunt Amy, but this year duties were transferred to Generation C. And even though Amy was doing less cooking and more guiding & we were doing less watching and more cooking, I think the family’s appeite was satisfied!

And I must say…when it happens…when everyone comes together to pull it off…and the hollandaise sauce comes together just right, it’s almost magical :)


grapefruit…starting the meal off healthy…with a little brown sugar on the side


the beginning of eggs benedict...english muffin & canadian bacon (thanks to all foreign countries that contributed to the sucess of our Christmas meal)


bananas & brown sugar…could it get any better
add a little ice cream & it’s simply delightful…bananas foster

The giving & blessing continued as we exchanged gifts. I made some special treats for our aunts & uncles,as if the plethora of baked goods in the kitchen wasn’t enough! We were ecstatic (well I was, and III was happy because I was) to complete our flatware, and almost all our everyday ware peices. Let’s just say with 12 of everything now, I see a lot of hosting in our future. III also got the FULL Grandmomma $$. Last year she gave III 1/2 the amount since he was 1/2 way to being a 100% part of the family (we were engaged at the time).

The tradition of the “left/right story” continued from Grandmomma! I’m proud to say I won the gag gift & in return was give $1.00 (the equivalent of each present).

We celebrated the New Year with family as well, before heading back south. Looking forward to seeing everyone again soon!

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