Besides Cooking

I’ve been crafting…here are three easy ideas for decorating for Valentine’s Day!

Love Banner

While looking at paper for another project in Hobby Lobby I came across this great sheet music paper (on sale 5/$1.00). I took it home and printed out one letter from LOVE on each piece. Then hole punched each piece in the top corners. Finally, I thread some yarn through the sheets of paper and attached it to the mantle. EASY…peasy!

Cupcake Topiary

This craft was a little more time consuming, but while III was working on a project of his own I was able to whip it up!

styrofoam ball (4 in.)
cupcake liners (100)
hot glue
dowel rod
clay pot

First, I used the dowel rod to create surface for my dab of hot glue.

Then using the dowel rod I pushed the cupcake liner down into the styrofoam ball. NEVER having to touch the hot glue! Yay! I continued dotting & gluing until the entire styrofoam ball was covered. I inverted a few of the liners to mix up the color in the topiary.

Next push the dowel rod into the styrofoam ball to creat the stem. You could paint it if you wanted (but I’m adding another touch).

I painted the clay pot a simple white & brushed it with some silver. Using some styrofoam from a packaging box I cut a square and put it down in the pot. After sticking in my cupcake flower, I used some scrap fabric & fun Valentine’s wire to wrap up the stem & let the left over cover the top of the pot.



The banner & topiary along with the great prints I made at Picnik,

…really has our house in a lovey dovey mood!

Stay tuned for a cute & inexpensive Valentine’s day gift idea, but don’t tell III!

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