anticipation: noun \(ˌ)an-ˌti-sə-ˈpā-shən\ b. the act of looking forward; especially

The past 24 hours at the G residence has been overflowing with anticipation. The feeling inside where you are so overcome with inexpressible excitement, that the anticipation dominates all conversation.

Reason for ANTICIPATION #1:

Yesterday we found out we would officially become a family of three. Not as you are probably thinking, but in a canine sort of way. You see yesterday we became adoptive “parents.” Our newest arrival…Max. Well he hasn’t arrived yet, but is in route commencing a stay at the finest dog resort east of the Mississippi. (The Bains residence). Hence, anticipation for his arrival (MLK he will reach his final destination).

We’re ready!!

Reason for ANTICIPATION #2:

Another topic of conversation at the G residence (and a grocery stores across Georgia), “Snowmaggedon” 2011. We have been anticipating it’s arrival for days, and last night about 9pm our wait came to an end. Living in the south we’ve always looked forward to the random moments of snowfall. And though I’m by no means a snow veteran, last night was the quickest I’ve ever seen snow cover the ground. With school already cancelled for Monday I was able to stay up and watch everything turn to white.

We woke this morning to a Winter Wonderland (and a message that III could stay home too). We’re looking forward to playing, relaxing, and eating a little snow ice cream.

Looks like God wanted a full day of tailgating. So let the festivities begin!

Reason for ANTICIPATION #3!!! (37 days of waiting…and)

Today is a day that those of use who have grown up in this family have dreamed about, a day some said would never come, a day of destiny. Because it is today that the Auburn Tigers play for the BCS National Championship game.

It’s hard to put into words what this means to the Auburn Tigers & the Auburn family. We are so proud of this team and what they represent. They are playing for more than themselves!

They are playing for the Auburn family.

A family who has stayed with them through thick and thin, mountains and valleys.

The “All In” who show up every Saturday to encourage them at Tiger Walk as they enter the Jordan-Hare.

The “Orange & Blue” that decorate the stands yelling “War Eagle!” & sing “Fearless and True!”

The “Auburn Faithful” that shower Toomer’s Corner in a one of a kind celebration.

It is for the Auburn family that they give all they have to become victorious.

And it is the Auburn family that will cheer them on with an undeniable passion as they represent us tonight.

For me, it is an Auburn that has been passed on from generation to generation. Rooted in me before I could walk.
It is an Auburn who gave me a one of a kind family away from home.
It is an Auburn who introduced me to my husband.
It is an unexplainable love for a place that was more than a STEP in my journey, but miles.

It is for that reason, win or lose tonight, I BELIEVE IN AUBURN & LOVE IT!
Sappy, but true…


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