This Makes My Heart Sing

It seems a little silly that at the age of 26 I had trouble falling asleep on Christmas Eve. Maybe it was the excitement of being home, seeing family, celebrating Jesus’ birth, or my increased sugar intake, OR maybe it was all of the above. This time of year is rich with tradition, and although it was our first MARRIED Christmas, the tradition was only added to!

This Christmas Eve was like any Christmas Eve I can remember; the day is spent wrapping presents and baking yummy treats for all to enjoy.

The love of peppermint continued.

III loves cupcakes so I made some festive for the season, with one special ingredient.

At night we gathered at church with family and loved ones for the Candlelight Service. Now that I have been away for a while this is a special time to hug old friends that too have left small town Alabama.

Following the reading of the Christmas Story, we all head to my aunt’s house for chili and a “rowdy” round of board games. This year it was Scatagories and I must say, my family is quite creative with their word play!

Even though I’m 26, my sister 22, and brother 17 Santa still makes a special trip to our house. And to III’s surprise he came to visit him again for the first time in 20 or so years! Adding to that excitement this year was the beautiful snow fall that seemed to never end on Christmas Day. It was truly a White Christmas.

We headed back to my aunt’s for breakfast (luckily this is merely a stone’s throw down the street). She made a delicious breakfast casserole.

Back home for stocking & gift exchanging, capped off with a BIG lunch.

My sister is sooo crafty! she wood burned Scrabble tiles to spell out our names and wedding date, etc.

continuing Peg Peg’s stocking tradition

the grandchildren

This year there were some additions to my traditions (haha…that rhymes). Christmas night we headed to Birmingham to spend time with III’s side of the family. III’s sister brought a little boy (our nephew) into the world about a month before our wedding, and so Christmas was extra special with his addition. We spent lots of time hanging out and gift exchanging again. Oh, and the snow followed us south! Most of the time however, I have to admit, was spent playing their new Wii. That thing is amazing. I think III & I might be a little green with envy.

(III and I began our own Christmas traditions as well. We traded stocking and stuffed eachother’s full of goodies…my personal favorite was a pocket size bible that III had my new named stamped on! We didn’t do individual gifts to each other this year, instead our BIG gift was the purchase of a new camera (Nikon D3100…love it!). One tradition we did begin was giving each other an ornament. I will love looking back over the years and remembering these first two).

III and I are so grateful for this time with family & the amazing gifts we have received this holiday season, of course being most humbled by the gift of God’s son.

Now we’re off to North Carolina for one more round of Christmas! I love that the day is stretched into a week in our household!

P.S. Also here is a little sneak peak at what us city folk do when we head back to the country :)
(a little skeet shooting…)

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