A Picture Can Say 1,000 Words

It is hard to believe how time passes us by, but Friday will be 5 months since III and I embarked on our journey. And for all 5 months, since we have gotten back from the honeymoon, I’ve been mulling, stressing, and putting on the back burner the wedding picture selection process. How do you do it…narrow down an upwards of 1,200 pictures to around 200 to be forever the visual representation of an indescribable day? But…it has to be done! I keep telling III by the time we actually decide on the photo book people will have stopped asking about pictures.

My uncle was our photographer and did an amazing job capturing what a blessing, the wedding day was! His pictures tell our story, and I love that. Check his work out here. (He took the picture in the header too!) Each picture begins to tell 1,000 words to express the emotion of each moment. Pictures truly are priceless.

This is a snapshot of the story captured in film.

the BIG day

at first sight…

did I mention a big storm was coming

love these folks

pure joy

Lord, bless this marriage


“a chord of three strands is not easily broken…”

Mr. and Mrs.

first dance

cutting the cake

departing in Auburn style


Thanks to everyone who was, and continues to be a part of our story.

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