We Have a ONE Year Old!


To Our BIG Girl,

How can it be….it seems like you were just snuggling up in the crook of my arm as I soaked in those newborn snuggles. And now you are ONE! 365 days old. We must admit they’ve been 365 of the absolute best days of our lives. There are so many emotions I have about you turning ONE. I can’t wait to see what years ahead hold, but how I have your first minutes etched in my mind. The moment your daddy placed you in my arms and you made me a mama. You are perfectly created by your Creator and we are so lucky to spend each and every day with you. We have loved watching you grow, learn, and soak in the world around you. We continue to nurture you and guide you to Jesus and pray for the day you begin to seek him on your own. We continue to be so blessed by you and thank God every day for allowing us the precious gift of being your parents. We can’t wait to see what the next year…years hold for you baby BIG girl. 


You have been up to soooo much this past month on your way to turning ONE. One of my favorite developments has to be your desire to give us hugs and kisses. I love laying on the floor as we play together when all of a sudden you scream that sweet squeal and race over to dominate me with hugs. Priceless. You kisses are wet and sloppy and I’d take one any day of the week. 

Your communication skills continue to grow. You have started to sign “more” pretty consistently when you would like one more Vanilla Wafer or another bite for dinner. We are trying to teach you to say “thank you” and you a great at repeating two syllables back, but they aren’t quite audible yet. “Daddy” is still your best word though, and you especially love using it when dad walks back through the door after work. And the smile you give him is sooo contagious. Oh, and when you wave bye bye, it’s the cutest thing! 


You are still great at getting around…crawling, pulling up, and cruising all over the place. One thing you have mastered this month is pushing the stand up walker ALL OVER THE PLACE. Well, that is until you run into a roadblock and need a little help steering. However, once we help straighten you out, you’re off to the races again! You are so proud of yourself too….screaming and smiling the entire time. You are working on standing and when you are in the mood, you’ll stand for a few seconds but haven’t gotten it down just yet. Soon baby girl.


I had to start weaning you a little sooner than I planned as my production just wasn’t keeping up. We made it 49 weeks though, and I am proud of both of us! You stared a mix of breastmilk and whole milk about two weeks before you turned one, and a week later you were drinking whole milk during the day and only nursing morning and night. 

You’ve developed a little bit of an attitude and opinion lately, quite the firecracker. You’ve thrown a few temper tantrums when things haven’t gone your way while playing and push away food that you don’t want. We are praying for your little developing personality and trying our best to teach patience (although you are ONE so that is a little tough). 95% of the time though you are your sweet, happy, mellow self!


We went on a couple adventures this month. Me and Daddy ventured down to Auburn for a football game and you had a great time with Bebe and Pop! We also spent time with your other grandparents in Mentone, Alabama. The highlight was definitely our visit to the Pumpkin Patch.  We played in the horse swings, dug around in the corn pit, and went on a hayride out to the Pumpkin patch where you picked out the perfect pumpkin. You wore your smocked pumpkin dress and looked absolutely adorable. We also took a family trip to the Atlanta Zoo. You loved the different animals, but especially enjoyed watching the gorillas. I think it might be because there was a baby gorilla the same age as you! He loved riding around on his mama’s back which you found funny. The other highlight was definitely the carousel.  It was so much fun and we will be taking lots more trips this year!


Finally, I must add that you developed your first persistent cold this month. It came with a nasty cough that we just couldn’t get to go away. It was the worst and even caused you to throw up at night a few times. After a trip to the doctor we decided that after 3 weeks, you needed a little amoxicillin to help overcome the cough and it seems to be helping!


And last but not least, on October 19th we celebrated your FIRST birthday with family. But well save those details for another day!

We love you sooooo much little one and can’t wait to see what adventures the next years will bring! 


Witches Brew & Spider Cider | Halloween Snacks

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Last year for Halloween you might say that III and I were posing as zombies…not because we are big fans of Walking Dead, but because Chickadee was only 12 days old. I’m sure a lot of you know the exhaustion and lack of sleep that come with the first few weeks/months of baby raising, so it seems like a perfect costume for new parents. Needless to say we really didn’t celebrate Halloween; we were too focused on survival. 

This year it’s a new ballgame! Chickadee just turned one and we already have her ladybug costume laid out and ready to go. We plan on pulling her around in a wagon and frankly just showing off her cuteness :o) So Halloween is in full swing folks and we can’t celebrate without a few “spooky” treats! Today I have two Halloween drinks sure to get everyone in your house in the Halloween spirit.

While grabbing a few must haves at Walmart this weekend I also picked up some Fanta Orange and the cute small bottles of Dasani water. 



First up is Witches Brew. This recipe is seriously soooo easy and perfect whether you are preparing for your child’s class or a huge neighborhood Halloween bash! Along with the Fanta, you’ll also need to pick up fruit punch & either vanilla or orange sherbet ice cream. 


Witches Brew
A simple recipe perfect for your next Halloween bash!
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Prep Time
5 min
Total Time
5 min
Prep Time
5 min
Total Time
5 min
  1. Fanta Orange
  2. Fruit Punch
  3. Orange Sherbert
  1. 1. Fill your container/glass halfway with Fanta Orange.
  2. 2. Add fruit punch until the container/glass is 3/4 of the way full.
  3. 3. Top with several scoops of orange sherbert.
  4. 4. Serve & Enjoy.
A Step In The Journey http://astepinthejourney.com/

When you add the orange sherbet  the punch will begin to fizz and eventually foam. It will continue to do so as the ice cream melt adding to the “spookiness!” It’s quite tasty! Also since it’s made with Fanta, it’s caffeine free, so feel free to serve it late at night! 

If you aren’t up for dealing with mixing and dealing with ice cream I have a NO FUSS recipe for you! Dasani bottled water, or as a Halloween party host would call it, Spider Cider.


Perfect to hand out at the party or to thristy trick or treaters! Simply cut out and attach with tape. You can download the labels here

So, what are your Halloween plans? If they don’t include Fanta and Dasani I think they should now :o) 

You can follow along with Fanta on both Facebook & Twitter. Dasani is active on Facebook & Twitter as well!


Apple Cider Slushie with Silk Vanilla Almond Milk

This is a sponsored post, but as always all thoughts and opinions are all mine!

The weather down south is so confusing right now. It is beautiful fall weather in the morning with that amazing crisp in the air. However, by the afternoon it’s 80 degrees and you are sweating in your jeans and long sleeve cotton shirt. My mom would say I should dress in layers.

Well, I have a recipe for you today that is perfect for this confusing weather because it is just as confusing, but in a GOOD way! You see it has the apple cider taste of fall, but it’s cool and refreshing for these warm afternoons!

Lately, I’ve been trying different milks. Chickadee is officially weaning off of breastmilk and so it has me thinking. I’ve been using different milks for different recipes. And this is what I’ve found, Silk’s Vanilla Almondmilk is best in cereal & slushies/smoothies/milkshakes.

My husband wasn’t so sure about trying a “new” kind of milk. At least not straight up, but I convinced him to let me use Silk’s Vanilla Almondmilk in this apple cider slushie recipe and for him to give it a taste test. And guess what? He LOVED it. Just like normal milk the Almondmilk added the perfect creaminess to the apple cider slushie. I think he would be up for pairing it in other recipes and frozen creations as well.

I think I’ll try a pumpkin recipe taste test next….I can already taste the vanilla/almond/pumpkin goodness!

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Have you tried the taste of Silk Vanilla Almondmilk?

This conversation is sponsored by Silk. The opinions and text are all mine.