Embracing the Chaos with Papa John’s


Yall, I wish I could put into words the craziness of the last month. It started by selling our townhome and moving into a new house. Less than two weeks later Sprout arrived (5 weeks earlier than expected) and in the middle of our kitchen remodel. After a few days back and forth to the NICU he came home and praise the Lord, is thriving. But yall, we’ve now termed our life as “embracing the chaos!”

There hasn’t been a lot of time to spend in the kitchen cooking dinner so we’ve turned to our friends down the street, Papa John’s. It’s been nice to focus on spending time with family and our new addition instead of hours in the kitchen. And what is great about Papa John’s is you know you are still getting quality ingredients. Papa John’s has NO trans fats, no MSG, no BHA or BHT, no fillers in its meat toppings and no partially hydrogenated oils. Nice. 


Hawaiian pizza is my absolute favorite. At Papa John’s I know the ham is superior-quality meat, the dough is made fresh daily, and the cheese is authentic. You wouldn’t feel good about that?


With so much on our plate we have been turning to friends and family a lot. They have come through in the biggest way. They helped take care of Chickadee while we were in the hospital, showed up to help us move, and have even signed up to bring us dinner over the next two months. 


The pizza smelled so good, even Max wanted in on the action! As we continue to “embrace the chaos” I have a feeling we will be receiving a lot more visits from Papa John’s. Especially since they make it so easy! 

Papa John’s knows that, for you, it’s not just a better pizza. It’s a family gathering, memorable birthday, work celebration or simply a great meal—and it’s their goal to make sure you always have the best ingredients for every moment.

Papa John’s has NO trans fats, no MSG, no BHA or BHT, no fillers in its meat toppingsand no partially hydrogenated oils. To learn more, visit www.papajohns.com/better.

Order now!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Papa John’s to help feed my growing family! The opinions and text are all mine.


Eating on the Run | Plum Organics

Yall, it has been a crazy last few months! We sold our current home, moved to our new house, and just about the time we started to settle in, baby #2 made their arrival 5 weeks early. Life has been quite hectic, but I am so thankful to an amazing husband, family, and friends that have all pitched in to make these last two months manageable & memorable! One thing that is always hard to keep on track when life is crazy is healthy eating…anyone with me?

I love cooking for Chickadee (even had fun making all her baby food) and in the last year she has really become a great eater. I think it is important to train her taste buds early and inspire a lifetime of healthy eating. However, it is not always possible to prepare a homemade snack. So, when I am not able to fix a healthy snack at home I find comfort in knowing that Plum Organics®  has my back and agrees with the importance of healthy eating! I’m pretty picky about what Chickadee puts into her little growing body. So when I am not buying whole foods for her, I pay a lot of attention to ingredient lists and am always happy when I recognize everything! Plum Organic products fall into the category of recognizing all the ingredients. WIN!

When she was little we LOVED the puffs, but now that she is a toddler, we’ve moved on to some of their products made for tots. Specifically, mighty pouches, bars, sips (like a nutritional milkshake), and sticks.

photo 1 (25)

We had tried the Plum pouches before, but we were excited when Plum also sent us the bars, sips, and sticks to try out. Chickadee was so excited that the first package that came to our new house was for her! I put everything in the cute backpack, and she loved pulling out and examining each item.

photo 2 (21)

So, what did she think when she actually dug into the snacks? Delicious! And mom is a fan also! I love the variety of food choices. Each of the Mighty 4 food pouches contain a blend of healthy foods from 4 food groups (including new healthy trends like quinoa and kale). WIN! Since life has been crazy I’ve been able to use these pouches as a go to every now and then to ensure Chickadee is getting all of the vitamins and nutrients she needs during snack time. The sips were a HUGE hit and these little milkshakes are full of nutritional value. I threw both the sticks and bars in the diaper bag to have when we are out and about running errands and there hasn’t been a flavor she has turned down yet! She has loved each snack so much, I even threw a few in her Easter basket.


So whether you are a busy mom on the go or looking for quick and easy snack options for your little one when life gets crazy, Plum Organics has you covered. Do you want to win some Plum Organic goodness? Make sure and leave a comment below. One commenter a week will be chosen to receive $100 gift certificate as well as the gift box Chickadee received!

Plum Organics offers unique, culinary-inspired products and takes a modern approach to family nutrition! Plum offers a complete line of premium, nutritious organic baby food, toddler and kid snack & mealtime products! Learn more at plumorganics.com.


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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Plum Organics. The opinions and text are all mine.


Painting Tip: Latex or Oil Based Paint??


We have officially been in our house for a month! We had a lot of plans for these first few weeks, however they were a little sidelined with Sprout arriving 5 weeks early! Now that things have settled back down a little bit we are trying to find a few spare minutes to finish up some house projects that were on our immediate hit list when we moved in. 

One of those projects was painting our front door and shutters. They were a tealy/blue color that had faded and with the pinkish brick, they didn’t scream welcome home. So when III’s dad was here they made magic happen! 

Before painting the door it was important do find out if the old paint was latex or oil based. If the paint is latex we could go ahead and simply paint over the old door. However, if the paint is oil based, then you want to make sure you use an oil primer before painting the new color.


It sounds complicated, but it’s a pretty simple test. All you need is rubbing alcohol and a cotton cloth/paper towel. First, you want to wipe down the door with some soap and water to make sure all dirt is removed. Then pour a little rubbing alcohol onto the cotton cloth. Rub it on the door. If the old paint comes off, it’s a latex paint and you can go ahead and paint right over it with your new exterior latex color. If the paint doesn’t come off on the cloth then it’s oil based and you will want to make sure you coat the door with an oil primer before painting the new color!


Fortunately, paint came off when we did the test so we only needed the new latex color. We used Sherman Williams, Naval for both the front door and shutters. And I must admit I’m really digging the new color!


Happy Wednesday folks! 


Sprout has Arrived!


We received the sweetest little surprise on April 11, 2015. Our little BOY made his debut 5 weeks earlier than anticipated Saturday, April 11, at 5:06am. He weighed in at 5lb 13oz and was 19.5 inches long! Praise the Lord that he is happy and healthy. Sprout spent about a week in the NICU and step down nursery eating and growing and preparing to meet his BIG sister before coming home.


We are so happy to have him home and are soaking in these first weeks as a family of FOUR. Thanks for sticking around & I promise to be back soon to share lots of details about the new house (we moved in 1.5 weeks before Sprout arrived!) and our growing family. Life is crazy but amazing. Thanks for joining in our journey!



Chickadee is 18 Months


Dear Big Sister,

You have had a busy last three months! At the end of March we moved out of the house we brought you home to and into the house you will probably remember as the home of your childhood. It has a great yard for you to play in as well as a fabulous playroom where you can play and explore for hours! You did great during the move and were a big help with both packing and unpacking. You loved decorating the moving boxes. 

You have been learning sooooo rapidly these past few months. In early February you mastered identifying your head, nose, ears, mouth, belly button, feet, eyes, and hands. Also you are quite the animal noise box. My favorite is the elephant because you put your arm up like a trunk when you make the elephant noise. You also can imitate a dog, lamb, lion (just make a roar face…no sound), monkey, cow, and fish. 


You are constantly mimicking a lot of our actions and try to repeat most words we ask you to say as we identify everything in sight! You know the colors purple and yellow and are working on a few others.  Your vocabulary is really taking off! You LOVE bubbles and we hear “bubu” all the time. Water is also a new word in your vocabulary along with banana, paw paw, pop, ball, and baby. 

 You continue to be a great eater and seem to be over your “meat strike.” Some of your favorites are eggs, butternut squash, grilled cheese, and smoothies. You are doing a great job eating with a fork and spoon too. We are so impressed with your fine motor skills!


Everything is really going great as you hit the 18 month mark. Our only struggle right now is getting you to fall asleep. You are having some pretty strong separation anxiety and it hits hardest at bedtime. We spend a lot of time comforting you, but don’t want to get in the habit of you having to have us there to fall asleep so we’ve been trying a lot of different approaches. We hope this is a short lived phase and you go back to being a great sleeper soon! You’ve also dropped down to one nap a day around 12:30/1:00. 


Chickadee, you continue to light up our life on a moment by moment basis. Your spunk is contagious and your sweet heart is such a gift. We pray for the day you come to know Jesus personally as your savior and begin living every moment for him. Until then we pray we can model unconditional love to you and teach you how to serve others. 


Your biggest accomplishment came this past month when you became a BIG SISTER one week before you turned 18 months. Baby girl, you love your little brother fiercely! You always want to check in on him and give him lots of hugs. We believe that you will continue to be a fantastic big sister, setting an example for Sprout and teaching him soooo many things! We can’t wait to watch yall’s relationship blossom and pray you are best buds! 

 big sister collage