Kid Painting Collage Art


Does anyone else LOVE Eric Carle? He is a classic children’s book author and illustrator who is probably best known for The Very Hungry Caterpillar. His artwork is my favorite and so as an ode to him, Chickadee and I created a little artwork for the new house!

So, here is what you need: “Home is Where the Heart is” Printable, white printer paper, craft paint, baby wipes


Chickadee and painting have been hit or miss in the past. She doesn’t like to be dirty so anything “finger painting like” is sometimes hit or miss, you can see she was a little unsure at first! 


We started in the highchair to keep her contained. I squeezed some drops of craft paint onto white printer paper and had her go to work…after a few seconds things got fun!


I will admit ever four or five seconds she wanted her hands wiped off, so she never got too dirty, but each time she went back to smearing the paint around. When she was finished we put it to the side and let it dry. 

Once her masterpiece was dry I cut it into strips and then squares.


Then using the printable from above, I glued down the squares in the shape of the a heart


…you could obviously get very creative and create ALL kinds of pictures!



Egg & Veggie Omelette Muffin Recipe


Yall, it’s a fabulous day. As you are reading this I am heading SOUTH with some of my favorite friends in the entire world. We are spending a girl’s weekend at the beach! It is going to be full of talking, eating, and shopping and I cannot wait! I will miss Chickadee & III like crazy I am sure, but I am excited for their daddy/daughter weekend as well. Probably the last one before Sprout arrives! [Read more…]

How to Clean Kid Toys in Your Dishwasher (without chemicals)


Yall, this winter has been tough on Chickadee’s immune system. We are fortunate we haven’t had to deal with anything too worrisome, but the stomach bug, a runny nose that seems to never end, hand/foot/mouth, and fifth’s disease have all camped out in our house. It’s such a struggle to decide between getting out and socializing and wanting to keep her tucked away at home away from ALL those germs! [Read more…]

Homemade Crockpot Spaghetti Sauce (full of veggies)


We are focusing on “small things” this year, from eating better and walking more to paying a little better attention to our spending! One small adjustment that can make a big difference in your eating habits is adding more veggies to your meals. A few new recipes we’ve added to our rotation are cauliflower mashed potatoesveggie breakfast muffins, and spinach hummus. Both were a hit with both III and Chickadee!  [Read more…]

DIY Dryer Sheets


I’m popping in today to share a QUICK tip with you! The other day I was a laundry doing machine and I promise did at least 5 loads in one morning. I was on a roll. Until I threw the last load from the washer into the dryer. I reached for a dryer sheet and BUMMER, I was out. Chickadee was napping and so I couldn’t run to the store. I needed a creative solution.  [Read more…]