Apple Cider Slushie with Silk Vanilla Almond Milk

This is a sponsored post, but as always all thoughts and opinions are all mine!

The weather down south is so confusing right now. It is beautiful fall weather in the morning with that amazing crisp in the air. However, by the afternoon it’s 80 degrees and you are sweating in your jeans and long sleeve cotton shirt. My mom would say I should dress in layers.

Well, I have a recipe for you today that is perfect for this confusing weather because it is just as confusing, but in a GOOD way! You see it has the apple cider taste of fall, but it’s cool and refreshing for these warm afternoons!

Lately, I’ve been trying different milks. Chickadee is officially weaning off of breastmilk and so it has me thinking. I’ve been using different milks for different recipes. And this is what I’ve found, Silk’s Vanilla Almondmilk is best in cereal & slushies/smoothies/milkshakes.

My husband wasn’t so sure about trying a “new” kind of milk. At least not straight up, but I convinced him to let me use Silk’s Vanilla Almondmilk in this apple cider slushie recipe and for him to give it a taste test. And guess what? He LOVED it. Just like normal milk the Almondmilk added the perfect creaminess to the apple cider slushie. I think he would be up for pairing it in other recipes and frozen creations as well.

I think I’ll try a pumpkin recipe taste test next….I can already taste the vanilla/almond/pumpkin goodness!

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Have you tried the taste of Silk Vanilla Almondmilk?

This conversation is sponsored by Silk. The opinions and text are all mine.


Underfoot (& Knees) Comfort

*This is a sponsored post, but as always all opinions are mine all mine!

Chickadee started crawling around 9 months. It was amazing, one day she was barely scooting along and the next day she was ready to race laps around the Indy Speedway. She would be sponsored by Pampers of course :)  Well our play space is also our living room and we needed to made it functional for everyone (especially the baby, because let’s face it….we cater to that sweet little one on a daily basis!). 


We had a woven rug that wasn’t the softest and a HUGE coffee table with nice sharp corners. Both HAD to go. We replaced the chunky ottoman with this great padded, rectangle ottoman that I found on sale at TJMaxx. It is perfect because it doesn’t take up all of our playing space, it’s soft, and it has storage inside. Triple success!

The rug I also LOVE and found on sale for less than $100…yes I know, I was so excited to find such a great deal. While the top is soft it is not a very thick rug, so it wasn’t protecting baby girl’s knees very well as she practices for her NASCAR debut. 

The folks at Rug Pad Corner and I must have ESP because just as we were realizing this concern I got an email from them asking if I wanted to try out one of their rug pads. Ummm, YES PLEASE! 

They were absolutely great. They took my measurements and cut the rug pad down to the perfect size.  It arrived on my door step looking like this



&  I was like, ummmm it’s a little small. But once I unpacked it I realized that was because it was folded in half. It popped right open and was flat almost immediately.


So I rolled up our rug and laid out the pad. After rolling our rug back out I cued the heavenly music as I walked upon what seemed liked clouds. And Chickadee’s knees are now nice and protected! I went with the 3/8″ thickness to achieve this cushion.


We love this rug pad, I am going to have to do something to help it stay in place a little better as it sometimes likes to move around but the rug pad definitely solved our hardness problem. Another plus is their high GREEN standards, especially since baby girl would be down on the group near the rug pad. Rug Pad Corner was a great company to work with and are not always helping out bloggers but also are diligent in donating a portion of their sales to charities through their Rug Pad for a Cause campaigns. 


Now to find another storage solution for all those toys!! 


11 Months | How is Time Moving so Quickly?

Dear Chickadee,


Why is time moving so quickly? It seems like you were just breaking my water during the Texas A&M game, and yet here we are in a new football season with our own little tiger. These past 11 months have absolutely flown by. I think it is going so quickly because we are having so much fun. You have changed our lives Chickadee in the best possible way. 

You are weighing in at about 20 pounds and wearing size 3 diapers. I’m not sure how long you are, but I do know that 9 month clothes still fit!

You have been making a lot of gains this month squirt. You weren’t the biggest fan of the traditional spout sippy cup, but this month you have mastered a straw cup & love drinking water. You are still eating like a champ and currently love goldfish for snack. We give you pretty much whatever we are eating and you rarely turn anything down.

In the mobile department, you have begun pulling up on everything. The first time you pulled up on your own was in your crib, September 2nd. And it took no time at all for things to click; the next day you were pulling up everywhere and we were having to move all “grown up” stuff within tippy toe reach! A few days later on September 7th you figured out that once you were up you could also cruise around by holding on to the crib rail, gate, or ottoman. You rarely let go to stand on your own but you have done it for a few seconds once or twice (September 9). 

I love watching you explore all of you toys. You definitely have a few favorites. The Melissa & Doug School Bus ranks high on the list. You love taking out all the little people and putting them back in. You also love rolling balls on the floor, and when they roll under furniture you find it fun to search for them! While hanging out in your room pulling books off of your bookshelf is a must. I hope you grow up to love reading them all one day, but for now unshelving them will have to do. 

Chickadee, you are a verbal little girl. For weeks you have been repeating sounds that we make and now you have moved on to words. You are great at repeating “da-de” and “mama.” Although, when you say mama it kind of sounds like you have a cold. You also try to say thank you, but I wouldn’t call it audible yet. One of your favorite noises is to save “voom voom” whenever you push a toy around that has wheels. I wasn’t going to give you credit for your first word until you used it correctly consistently, but I’ve been told that is  being a little tough. So here it is….your first word was “da-de” (daddy). You sometimes say it when daddy comes in the room and you almost always will repeat it! Since I’m not sure the exact first time you said it, we’ll just have to go with 10 months. 

You ventured out to your 2nd Braves game this month and you were a champ. We kept you up well past your bedtime, but you didn’t mind because you were having too much fun! We also made a trip to Alabama to visit with both mom & dad’s families. We spent Labor Day at the lake and you took your first boat ride.

How can you be turning one next month? You are such a delight & we absolutely love and adore you more than you will ever know. We can’t wait to see what this next month will hold and are soaking in the last few days before you are ONE! Praise the Lord for your sweet spirit, calm demeanor, and happy personality. We are so thankful that you are growing the way God designed and meeting so many milestones.

11 Month Collage


We love you baby girl!

Mom & Dad