Preschool Prayer


Preschool has been one of the first experiences where we’ve sent Chickadee out into the “real world” without us. But what she does take with her is our influence and the love of Jesus we are trying to plant in her heart. It’s a big deal sending them out…praying they are kind, empathetic, good helpers, and respectful. 

One small thing we do each morning in the carpool line that I pray will impact her day is say a prayer. The idea was actually shared by a friend at church and she shared the prayer they used every morning before school. It was perfect and I should have written it down. However, years have passed and I couldn’t remember it. So Chickadee and I came up with our own and have been praying it each morning since her first week of preschool. 

She helps recite words here and there. She always remembers the last line and says it with me wearing a BIG smile on her face. It’s absolutely precious. Over time I hope she plants these words in her heart and they stay with her throughout the day! After our prayer she bolts out of the car and I continue praying that Jesus’s light shines BRIGHT. 

How are you planting the seeds of Jesus into the hearts of your children? What an important job the Lord has given to us!


  1. Hi Laura Beth! I work at a preschool and we also put on a PreK Teachers conference. I was wondering if I could share your prayer on our conference face book page (crediting you). Blessings, Lena

  2. Julie Rees says:

    I would really like to print out this prayer please – for my Christian based preschool. Thank you!

  3. Susan Molloy says:


    I signed up to follow you but received no email confirmation. I also would like to print out your Preschool Prayer. I really like it and would love for my students to learn it.

    Thank you

    • Laura Beth says:

      It could have possibly gone to your spam folder. I will email you a file with the prayer! Thanks for stopping by.

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