Painted Pumpkin

Dear Pumpkin,
Why do you have to be so tricky to carve? 
Your thick skin makes me not want to be friends.
I think I’ll paint you instead.
Laura Beth

I used the natural lines on the pumpkin as my guide.

First I used Martha’s Silver Gilding. This liquid wonder was part of the “Martha”load I received a few weeks ago. Genius.

Then I filled the opposite spots with basic white craft paint. It took a few layers.

A little twine on top & there you have it. A non-carved, painted pumpkin.

Is your talent pumpkin carving? I’m looking for tips.

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  1. Great idea! I think I'm going to paint my pumpkin this year too. I suck at carving and usually make the same triangle eyes, triangle nose and big stupid 2-tooth grin every year.

  2. awwww love it! I was an art major so I have some pretty great carving tools…it makes it easier. I do however strongly dislike gutting the pumpkin.gross.

  3. Bloom in the Details says:

    My talent is defietly not pumpkin carving. They always end up looking pretty scary, which is good for Halloween, I guess:) Your painted pumpkin is adorable..I think I'll try that this year instead:)

  4. Yup, I just paint now too – sooo much faster than carving it out! Your pumkin looks beautiful, love the silver and white together and do like the twine too!!

  5. I love who ever came up with e electric pumpkin carver otherwise it is not my thing. This painted pumpkin looks so cute and I love the twine on the top

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