How to Make 3D Paper Stars


We have an old window hanging in our living room. Throughout fall and Christmas I had it decorated with a cute rag tie banner, a book page banner, and a pennant banner which all made me happy. But Christmas came and went and I was out of ideas. Until I remembered making a paper star back when I was in high school. I thought it would be perfect….like an airy for the winter season. May I share it with you? 


If you want just a picture tutorial shot, here you go…if you need more details (like I would!) keep scrolling for the step by step!


Step by Step Tutorial

Supplies: 6 SQUARE pieces of scrapbook paper (mine were 9in x 9in), scissors, tape, stapler, string, hole punch

1. Taking one square at a time, fold the paper in half to form a triangle.


2. Take the right and left corners and fold again, making another triangle.


3. Now we are going to cut and it is IMPORTANT to cut from the right side, so I will try to explain as best as I can. Lay your triangle in front of you so that it lines up with the picture below. You want your “four single edges to be to the left. Now using the four single edge side as a guide for a straight line, cut into the solid fold stopping about 1/2 inch from the opposite edge. You will make 3 cuts equidistant apart.


4. Open up the piece of paper.


5. Now grab the tape. Starting from the two innermost cuts you will form little loops. So take the too innermost corners, roll them in toward each other, and tape together.


6. Then flip the entire square over and do the same with the next two sets of cuts/points.


7. Flip back to the front and repeat, then back to the back and repeat. At this point you should have attached all for loops and your square will now look like this.


8. Repeat the first 7 steps until you have six pieces looped and taped together.


9. Now, grab three of your pieces and join them at one set of end points. Staple together. Then do the same for the other three pieces.


10. Now take these two sides and staple them together in the center. You are almost there!


11. The last step is too staple around the edges of the star to hold everything in place. See the picture below.


12. Finally if you want to hang your star, punch a hole in the top of one of the points and thread with a string!


If you have any questions please let me know!! I am here to help :) 

Chickadee | 15 Months



How can it be?? January 19, 2015 you turned FIFTEEN months old. What an amazing last few months it has been. You have grown up leaps and bounds! Last time I wrote you were a crawling and starting to sign and use your sweet little words correctly. Now, you are like a little person! You started standing solo on November 12th and took your first “multiple” steps in a row on November 19th. By the week of December 7th you were walking all over the place and now there is nothing to keep you down! You rarely crawl anymore and love running down the halls of church and at the playground!


There are lots of words in your vocabulary both verbally and using sign language. The words you use are dada, mama, Max, cheese, socks, and please. You are also able to sign more, all finished, please, eat, and sleepy. And the amount that you understand is crazy. My favorite lately is when I tell you it is time to take a nap, you put down whatever we are playing with, walk over to the stairs, and climb up to your room (with me or dad behind your of course!). 

You are still sleeping like a champ, about 12 – 13 hours a night. You are still taking two naps a day , but I have a feeling you will be moving to one nap soon. On January 3 you slept with a teddy bear for the first time. The bears have been in your room since you moved in there, but you just recently took a real interest in them and insisted one in particular joined you while you slept. It’s so sweet.


We had a great Thanksgiving down in Mobile and Christmas in Oneonta. You got to hang out with all your extended family and were quite the entertainer. Thanks for sleeping on the go so well. You are such a flexible baby and we are so thankful for your easy going spirit. Before Christmas we went to meet Santa and I’m not sure you knew what to think. You didn’t cry, but just seemed puzzled as to why you were sitting in this bearded man’s lap. Then we went and rode the Pink Pig outside Macy’s which is an Atlanta staple around the holiday season. 



You’ve moved up to a new room at church since you are walking all over the place and they have you “coloring” and eating snack at the table. So precious. You love going to visit the sweet ladies in the nursery, but are also so excited when we come and pick you up!


At your 15 month appointment you weighed in at 23 pounds and were 32 inches tall! You unfortunately received a few more shots, but were so tough. I’m glad they don’t seem to bother you or keep you down for long!

We are working on using a fork and spoon when you are eating. It’s coming along slowly but surely! You seem to be on a meat strike lately, but other than that are still being a great eater. You LOVE eggs lately and anything dipped in hummus. 

We are so thankful that you are thriving and cannot wait to see how God continues to develop you in to the young lady he created you to be! We pray you never know a day where God isn’t guiding your path and your heart isn’t wrapped up in him. We also can’t wait to see you become a BIG sister in the next few months! Love you to pieces!


DIY Dog Toy – Valentine’s Gift Basket for the Pup!


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I know I have shared a lot about Chickadee on the blog lately, but to be honest she wasn’t our first baby. Four years ago THIS weekend we picked up our first child in Alabama. Sweet Max. We adopted him when he was about two years old and fell in love immediately. He is definitely still a big part of our family although he will probably be the first to admit that being a BIG brother isn’t all we cracked it up to be. And although he doesn’t get all our attention anymore we still love spoiling him every now and then! Valentine’s Day in a few weeks is the perfect time to do just that.

Since we brought Chickadee home from the hospital 15 months ago we have been trying to endear her to Max. I must be honest and say he isn’t the biggest fan of being her playtime buddy (she did after all invade his home and steal a lot of his one on one time!). But we keep praying he’ll come around. One suggestion from the vet was for Chickadee to help when we feed Max and give him treats….thinking maybe this will help him view her in a better light! So we decided to put him together a little treat basket for her to give him for Valentine’s Day including a few of his favorite treats from Milo’s Kitchen & Milkbone. 


While at Walmart the other day I grabbed these little steak griller treats, a container of dog bones, and a few toys for the basket! We also included a deer antler, which is fabulous because they last forever & they always seem to calm Max down when he needs a little solo time.


I also decided to make a homemade dog toy for our big boy. And YOU can too!


All you’ll need are an old towel (a piece of fleece would work great too), an empty water bottle, and some ribbon.


Start by removing the water bottle label, top, and little plastic ring. Next, cut your towel so that the length of the towel is long enough to wrap around the bottle and overlap about three inches. 


After wrapping up the water bottle, cut the edges with about 3 inches extra length on either end. Then tie TIGHTLY with a ribbon.

I know it isn’t quite Valentine’s, but I already let Max preview his basket. The Milo’s Kitchen and Milkbone treats were obviously a hit. I will admit Max wasn’t so sure about this new DIY toy at first, but once he took his first bite and heard that crinkly sound of the water bottle, he was hooked!


So do you include your pups in your Valentine’s celebration? #TreatThePups